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How to choose the right probiotics for you

How to choose the right probiotics for you

Posted by Jon Webb on 15th Mar 2017

Good gut health is ESSENTIAL

Probiotics are used to fight bad - potentially harmful - bacteria in the gut, by providing a vital dose of good bacteria. All this can help aid digestion while at the same time nullifying the threat of unwanted toxins. Given probiotics' health-protecting and wellness-enhancing powers, it's hardly surprising that they're becoming increasingly popular as a highly researched and proven supplement form with people all over the world.

Whether you're simply seeking to feel better every day, or you wish to use probiotics purely as a preventative measure, you can easily find a wide range of supplements online or at your local health shop. The 'problem' so many potential buyers have, however, is knowing which probiotic is the right one for them. The dedicated Evolution Organics team can certainly help you there

If you're looking to support improvement of your overall health, you need to create the correct biological environment: a place where good gut bacteria can flourish. Restore is a soil-derived, mineral gut health product that can help you do exactly that.

Probiotics supplements in powder, tablet, capsule or liquid form

Products like ION*Biome work very well with probiotics to repair the gut and this creates the healed environment good bacteria requires to thrive within. What's also great is that most probiotic supplements are a pleasure to consume, meaning that you won't have to eat foods that you know are probably good for you, but which your taste-buds and tummy are not so keen on.

Each product contains a specific probiotic strain, or several of them, and works by utilising its own delivery system. For example, for some people a controlled slow-release tablet works perfectly, whereas for others another type of probiotic delivery system proves more effective.

Don't make the common mistake of opting for quantity over quality or suitability, by the way: it doesn't necessarily follow that the more probiotic good bacteria you flood your gut environment with, the more beneficial to your health that will prove to be. It's about getting the right strain(s) in the correct amounts to suit your particular needs and individual health. You might not be focused upon digestive tract health as such; perhaps you're planning on travelling overseas soon, and you're a little worried about suffering bouts of diarrhoea?

The key strains: 
  • Rhamnosus — An invaluable strain of probiotic for those often plagued by traveller's diarrhoea. Keep this in your travel bag and look forward to a diarrhoea-free trip, without having to constantly find a toilet whenever you’re out and about in foreign climes. 
  • Bifidum — The must-take strain for anyone struggling with the healthy digestion of dairy products. Older people in particular find this strain of probiotic an absolute godsend.
  • Longum — Like L. Acidophilus, B. Longum is a strain that toxins run scared from. For any adult seeking to keep their digestive tract healthy and functioning well all-year-round, this is something to seriously consider in supplement form. 
  • Acidophilus — Possibly the most commonly used strain, this can assist enormously with nutrient absorption, helping you to feel well and (importantly) energised. 
  • Fermentum — Neutralises digestion by-products, and ensures that your gut will always maintain good bacteria at a healthy level.

For overall health enhancement and maintaining a strong immune system, why not give Terranova nutrition probiotic with prebiotic capsules a try?

Whichever probiotic you need, we're sure to have it in stock

Give serious thought to what exactly you want a probiotic for, then browse the Evolution Organics range of products (all sourced from leading suppliers) and place your order. If you simply want a multi-strain probiotic rather than one to do a particular job, there are several to choose from amongst our diverse assortment of products from Garden of Life, Vega, Dr. Mercola, Living Fuel, Nutri Advanced and many other top industry names.