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Homemade almond mylk

I love almond mylk and I buy lots as I use it in so many recipes. I was on Twitter recently (get in touch with us @evoorganics) and saw a post by one of our followers about how easy making your own almond mylk is and this made me realised that I have never tried it myself!

I looked online and found lots of different recipes. The recipe below is a mix of what you can find on the net and I hope you like it. I have also added a list of FAQs I was asked about almond mylk.

1. Why do we have to soak the almonds? Almonds contain an enzyme inhibitor in their brown skin that protects the nut until the proper levels of sunlight and moisture allow it to germinate. Since the nut does not release its enzymes until those conditions have been reached, eating almonds without removing the inhibitor limits the nutrients your body can absorb and makes the almond difficult to digest. By soaking almonds, you provide the moisture that makes the almond shed its skin and release its enzymes. The process works with most nuts and seeds.

2. How long should we soak the nuts? Alot of website say to soak the almonds in filtered water for 4 hours (at least). If you have a Vitamix then 4 hours is fine as this blender is very powerful but if you use a mid range blender then the longer you soak, the better the end result (it will be creamier). I recommend overnight.

3. How long will it keep? About 2-3 days in the fridge.

4. What are the benefits of almond mylk? There are many benefits associated with almond mylk:

- To start, it's got no added sugar so perfect if you are trying to cut out sugar, it's low in calories and has a low glycemic index.
- A perfect alternative if you are vegan.
- Contains high level of healthy fats and is high in Vitamin D and E
- And of course it tastes amazing!

5. How can I use it? Almond mylk can be used in pretty much the same way as you would use dairy mylk (baking, cooking, etc). You can add it to coffee, tea and it tastes amazing with chai tea (Pukka's Vanilla Chai for example). I add it to smoothies, cereals and when I make muesli bircher.

6. What do I need to make almond mylk? almonds, water, a bowl, a metal strainer, a good quality blender, cheese cloth and salt. You can also add some type of natural sweetener for taste (coconut sugar, dates, maple syrup) and vanilla.

Homemade Almond Mylk (makes about 500ml)

1 cup organic almonds
2 cups water (and some more for soaking)
Pinch of Himalayan salt

To serve (optional)
2-3 dates and vanilla

1. Gently clean the almonds under cold water and cover them with filtered water overnight. They will expand so make sure they are completely submerged.
2. Once they have soaked, drain the water. At this point the almonds will be soft.
3. Put the nuts in your blender along with 2 cups of water, a pinch of salt and also the dates and vanilla (if using and highly recommended) and blend at high speed for a few minutes (until it looks smooth).
4. Put your metal strainer lined with a cheese cloth over a large bowl and pour the mixture in. Gather the the cheese cloth and squeeze and press to extract as much almond mylk as possible.
5. Store the almond mylk in a sealed bottle in the fridge.

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