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Have you discovered the incredible benefits of liposomal supplements?

Have you discovered the incredible benefits of liposomal supplements?

Posted by Henry Maitland on 25th Sep 2018

At Evolution Organics, our priority is delivering exceptional vitamins, supplements and health products that can enhance your wellbeing and deliver results.

However, if these products aren’t absorbed correctly or don’t reach the target tissue within the body’s system, their impact can be radically reduced.

This concept is called bioavailability. In physiological terms, this is the proportion of a drug or vitamin that enters the body’s circulation. This directly impacts the effect and how much or how little its potential benefits are felt by the taker

A number of things can impact bioavailability. For example low nutrient uptake, digestive problems and low levels of stomach acid can all play a role.

This means that you may be taking a supplement and waiting for the positive effects to kick in, but be left disappointed due to bioavailability factors working against you. It’s far from ideal and can leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated.

What are Liposomes and how can they Help?

When it comes to increasing bioavailability, certain techniques and molecules have been identified as potentially being of use.

For example, Liposomes are small phospholipid bubbles that have a bilayer structure very closely aligned with those within our cell membranes. This makes them highly effective when it comes to delivering nutrients into our cells.

Liposomes are also capable of holding either water-soluble or fat-soluble molecules. This means they offer a host of potential benefits when it comes to bioavailability.

This has led to many experiments taking place to see what liposomes can do in this context – with positive results. Liposomes have been found to have a positive impact in areas such as oncological, antifungal and antibiotic treatments, with their high bioavailability enabling the desired nutrients to reach the right places.

What’s the deal with Liposomal Supplements?

Liposomal supplements and vitamins have higher rates of absorption within the body compared to other products. Essentially, with typical supplements, anything not absorbed by the body gets flushed out of your system and goes to waste. A supplement with Liposomes vastly increases the levels of bioavailability and absorption, allowing a taker to benefit more effectively from the contents of the supplement itself.

This means that if you are looking to increase the amount of Vitamin B in your body’s system for example, a liposomal supplement containing Vitamin B can enable higher levels to reach your bloodstream. Less of that important vitamin will simply pass through your system, and more will reach where it needs to be, allowing you to live in a healthier, happier way.

How can Evolution Organics Help?

We value the positive effects of liposomal supplements and therefore stock a wide variety of options to allow you to get more from the supplements you take.

The Evolution Organics range of liposomal vitamins and minerals includes products designed to increase your intake of everything from Liposomal Vitamin C and Vitamin B through to Zeolite and Glutathione.

Brands such as LipoLife and Result RNA have invested in this practice, and we stock many products from these and other trusted suppliers.