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If you want to get the most out of your life and the supplements you buy we will have essential posts over the months and years ahead. You will be able to learn about all aspects of the foundations of health alongside serious errors made in bio hacking and the use of the new wave of nutraceutical supplements. Learn how to bio hack safely with the best possible results alongside all other supplements to truly maximise your health and performance for life.

Also, in the coming months, learn about our updated story so far and how myself, the brand, team and business has evolved over the past 3 years and how we’re still committing to providing the highest quality supplements available today. All this along-side competitions, recipes and cutting-edge health information and more!

Welcome to the Evolution Organics newsletter and blog. On occasion in seems relevant to reintroduce myself and to re-establish the purpose of these articles and why they are so important for you as one of our clients.

I’ve been working in the health and wellness business now for 25 years, that’s more than half my life deeply immersed in studying health and wellness through its multi-faceted interrelated wondrousness. It been a challenging, mind bending, incredible journey and one that continues to this day as my latest order of books sits inspiringly on my desk waiting to reveal the knowledge within.

This latest order of books does somewhat summarise how many people seem to feel about health and wellness as I’ve just been reading the china study alongside Dr T. Colin Campbell’s second book ‘whole’ and am looking at the title form Dr Mercola’s book Fat for fuel. We do still seem to live in a world apparently divided and in direct conflict when it comes to what’s good for us. The China study is a book about the essential wonders of an entirely plant based diet whilst Dr Mercola demonstrates how we can find optimal health on a high fat, high protein diet. Confusing!? Not at all. We just need context.

I am very glad to say that with a little contemplation and some logical thinking we can however step back and look at the whole picture of health and wellness from a wider context, and it is context that we need to make sense of anything let alone subjects as complex as the totality of human health. Having had the time to contemplate these subjects deeply for decades I have come to the sensible conclusion that I know very little indeed however, I have come to some seemingly enduring hypothesis that are so far holding up no matter how much I challenge them.

Over the last 3 years I have faced what turned out to be some of the greatest challenges of life so far and so brought about some of the most profound revelations as to how one can benefit from a deep reserve of health and wellness when frankly the “doo doo hits the fan” in a big way. I look forward to sharing these valuable insights with you in the coming months as we explore how we can obtain heightened performance and perception to achieve way beyond our normal range.

These news-letters and blog posts are a key way to reach out and provide free truthful and sometimes we hope insightful information about the essential aspects of health and wellness alongside inspiring recipes, competitions and more.  The foundations and context of health are enduring and so remain the same decade after decade as the health and fitness fads come and go. The key foundations then provide a context of truth in to which all other information however conflicting it seems will sit comfortably and make complete sense.

It’s the information that we provide in these articles that makes buying supplements of great value as one needs context to know how to get the most out of taking them. To sell supplements with integrity its key to share this information so that were not over loading on supplements expecting to be healed and heighten performance whilst ignoring the foundations of health that are essential to how the supplements work in our bodies.

Those of you that have read the story so far will know what this business is really all about and what we aim to do in the future. This business was firstly born from the need to find the highest quality organic supplements for my clients. This still stands today as we search the world to find the highest quality organic, natural and cutting edge products available today.  The long-term vison for the business is to buy a farm that could be nurtured into a beautiful organic farm garden and healing centre, a place that can act as a small hub of natural and organic healing wonderment, a place that we can invite our clients (that’s you) to come and learn and somewhere from which we can continue to research, cook, heal and grow spiritually as we all journey along through the challenges of life together.

We have a lot of awesome posts coming up over the coming months alongside reviews of products that have proved invaluable to me over the last few years from the incredible CBD to classic Oregonal and many more. We have loads of innovative healthy cooking ideas from the Evolution Organics kitchen, competitions and more.

We very much hope that you will opt in to continue this journey with us, to continue allowing us to help inspire you on your journey of health and wellness though life as we all grow together. The value of learning and being reminded of foundational health principles monthly is epic as we all need a reminder to do the essentials in what can seem to be a busy and potentially turbulent life.

So, make sure you follow the link on the emails you receive from us to complete the 30 second opt in. it really does only take 30 seconds and will allow us to continue our journey of health and wellness together.  The opt in link Is only available on the emails you receive over the coming months so make sure to keep a look out!

In health and happiness

Henry Maitland

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Henry Maitland I've been working in the health and fitness world and have been studying related subjects for over 20 years.I started out studying sports science and human biology in 1994 and went on to qualify and work as a masseur in 1996 than as a personal trainer in 2001.I then went on to qualify as a CHEK practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach in 2002. These are both multi stage qualifications and I spent ten years working my way through the more advanced levels and the epic reading lists that go with them. I still have Chek level 4 to look forward to and in the coming years plan to travel to San Diego and finish the journey.I took a brief break from my studies with the CHEK institute in 2007 to qualify as a St John's certified Neuromuscular Therapist and returned in 2008 and 2009 to complete the level 3 CHEK certifications.4 years ago I started studying with the four winds institute of energy medicine in America which is formed from the ancient shamanic healing techniques of the South American Q'ero Indians. This combined with the works of David; R Hawkins MD brought together for me the most extraordinary revelation as to dynamics of true health and wellness.I continue to read and study on my own path guided by those that I have studied with previously as I continue my research in to the many subjects that form the health equation.I have been running my own business, Core Evolution, for the last 12 years. I spend the majority of my time taking people through advanced holistic rehabilitation programmes and work on all areas of the Evolution Cycle of health (although not at the same time!)I very much hope I can share some of what I have discovered with you through the Evolution Organics blog.In health, chi, and happiness.Henry Maitland C.H.E.K practitioner level 3 St Johns Certified Neuromuscular therapist levels 1-8 C.H.E.K HLC level 3 C.H.E.K certified golf biomechanic ITEC certified Remedial masseur Shamanic healer - The four winds institute

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