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Help avoid winter sniffles with immune system support

There are some real challenges when it comes to getting through the winter months. The colder weather, darker days and higher winds can wreak havoc with our health and wellbeing.  

But by taking steps to boost your immune system, it can become easier to negotiate the wintertime.  

At Evolution Organics, we have been working in the field of health and wellness for a long time now. We have seen many winters come and go, and understand how the change in season can present difficulties for people. 

By taking the time to focus on boosting your immune system, it is possible to avoid the winter sniffles and stay happy and smiling all year round. 

Our latest blog takes a look at what steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of staying fit and healthy this winter. We’ve picked out some of the key areas and supplements that you may want to consider this year. 

Vitamin D

A man curling on a sheet of ice

Vitamin D is a vital part of our bodily systems, regulating things like our calcium and phosphate levels. This in turn helps to keep our bones, muscles and teeth in good shape.  

A further benefit of Vitamin D is the role it plays in supporting our immune system, keeping our cells primed and ready to fight any infection. 

It also helps keep our energy levels up and can regulate our mood. If you find yourself often feeling down in the winter, then boosting your Vitamin D could help 

Taking Vitamin D supplements this winter therefore could have a number of positive effects.  


A bottle of Dr Mercola Elderberry Syrup with Echinacea

It is amazing what the natural world has to offer when it comes to boosting our bodies. Many plants come with superb capabilities to boost us in a variety of ways – some of which have immune system advantages. 

An example is the Elderberry family of plants. Elderberry plants are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, which can help contribute to a strong immune system. 

Some Elderberry supplements come with Echinacea extract too, such as Dr Mercola’s organic Elderberry syrup. Echinacea has also been found to have potential immune system benefits, making this a really good product to pick up. 

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits representing vitamin C in the winter months

Vitamin C is another key element to supporting a strong immune system. Vitamin C supports our cell functions and is a key antioxidant. That all means that if you encounter something untoward, Vitamin C helps your body react in the best and most efficient way possible. 

Vitamin C supplements over the winter period can help keep your body in a state of readiness to react to illness or viruses. It can also help maintain good energy levels, and give us a better chance of being productive and positive in the wintertime. 

Exercise, diet and hydration

A woman drinking a glass of water to stay hydrated

One of the most underrated ways of avoiding the winter sniffles is keeping our body and minds in great shape generally.  

Healthy living can help your body cope better when it encounters challenges, and enable heightened functioning to allow you to avoid the real pitfalls of winter illness. 

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are both contributory to all-round wellness, and can help support a more efficient immune system. 

Staying hydrated is also important to support our bodily functions. You may well be committed to staying hydrated during the summer months when the temperatures are higher, but hydration is important all year long. Don’t forget to stay on top of your hydration levels, and give your body the best chance of avoiding infections and viruses.  


A man lies asleep in a bed

It is hard to overstate the importance of sleep when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Sleep is when our body recovers, recuperates and restores itself to allow us to live the lives we want. 

If we are not sleeping well, then our body does not get the chance to fully recover and restore. That in turn can see us become more susceptible to illnesses.  

Not sleeping properly is also a major problem for our day to day lives. Even if we do manage to avoid any major physical illnesses on poor sleep, our mental state undoubtedly suffers.  

Getting good sleep is therefore hugely important for our all-round health and well-being, as well as maintaining a strong immune system. 

Sleep and relaxation supplements can help to create a better state of mind and environment in which to get valuable sleep during the winter months. 

Shop for Immune Support Products at Evolution Organics

We understand that now more than ever, having a strong immune system is hugely important. To allow our customers to boost their own immune system, we have a host of products available that can contribute to better resilience to illness. 

Our immune range is packed full of excellent products from tried and trusted suppliers. These products have been specially chosen to provide our customers with a varied, high-quality selection of immune system boosters that may just be the difference between a negative or positive winter. 

Be sure to take a look through all we have to offer, and find your perfect purchase from Evolution Organics.  

Take a look too at our delivery options, and if you have questions, simply contact our team. 

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