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Evolution organics – the story so far

Today’s post is about Evolution Organics, and I just wanted to take a moment to let you in on the story of the company so far so that you can understand better who you are buying from and what we are committed to.

We think it’s incredibly important when you are buying from a health-related company that you know it’s ethical foundation, who and what they are and what it strives to achieve. This way you know that we are completely committed to your health and wellness and that we have a vision that will work to promote health and wellness in the future too. Pretty awesome, right?

Evolution Organics is not simply the story of a growing business, and it’s more than simply the story of my life so far. It’s a story that relates and connects to the whole of society and to the movement we can all take part in to create a sustainable more evolved future for us all.

The seeds of synchronicity – how it all began

Three books lay on my floor, tears running down my face a terrible feeling of deep loss and grief at losing my brother knowing that he was gone forever. The books that were his that were now mine.

  • Permaculture: a designers manual (A classic book in sustainable farming)
  • A basic book on tai chi and connection to inner energy
  • Gold’s Gym Guide to Body Building.

Three books that would perfectly form the foundation of the unfolding philosophy of my life and shape my future in ways that I could not yet imagine.

Four years after my brother had died I had taken a job at a brand new local gym in Oxford. I had already been personally training with weights for 6 years – oh yes, Gold’s Gym body building came into play here. Perhaps not the greatest of texts to explain the intricacies of complex training, but I was in my early 20s and it was motivation enough for me and had got me started on the path of learning. I had also completed a course in remedial massage therapy and taken a sports science A-level, so I had a little bit of knowledge. Anyhow, they gave me a job and within a year I was bored stupid. Gym instruction was not Rocket science!

I was fortunate that after months of persistent enquiry for more education to be asked if I would like to go on a training course with a teacher called Paul Chek in California. No one else wanted to go as they thought he was overly complex and a little bit crazy…Excellent! I booked it straight away.

The next year I flew to Holland to join Paul for a three day course entitled ‘How to eat, move, and be healthy’. As I sat and listened to a stream of highly logical consciousness from Paul, I realised that what he was teaching was an incredibly expansive extension from of the three books I inherited from my brother. The foundations of Paul’s holistic life style coaching programme are based around organic farming and Consciousness or chi flow. The foundations of Paul’s Chek training and physical rehabilitation programme are physical conditioning and weight training.

I realised that he was 20 years (at least) ahead of me in my thinking but that he had the same foundational ideas that I had learnt from my brother’s books. Basically he had done a lot of the work and was offering me the means to apply what he had come to understand.

The Beginning of direction

A few years later I travelled to San Diego to take the Chek Institute’s Level 2 Holistic Lifestyle coaching course and I could never have known how much it was going to change my life. We spent the first few days with Paul teaching us about soil quality, organic food, metabolic typing, gut health and rehabilitation – all sorts of wonderful subjects. In the mornings we practised yoga to get ourselves in the energetic groove and had wonderful meals of locally grown organic food. We also practised chi work and drawing energy into our bodies.

Paul explained that this can affect some people quite strongly and that we might get the shakes a little bit…uh, yeah…a little bit! I had a complete melt down. A massive emotional release. Later that day Paul did some work on my chakra system and something flicked in me, like a switch turning on. That’s when, for the first time, my mind became silent.

That evening I lay on the hotel bed with the California sunlight dancing though the window, my mind still incapable of thought. Even if I tried there was nothing. Should I panic? Is this scary? However, all I felt was a simple peace. An inner knowing and excitement that I was on the edge of something. On the edge of understanding something that had been building in my subconscious mind for years. Then it came to me, almost fully formed like a giant spontaneous information upload from my subconscious, and I knew with every fibre of my body that it was what I was going to do.

The vision was set.

What manifested in my consciousness on that hot California evening was the fairly detailed plan of how I could bring about the vision of an organic farm garden and healing centre into reality. A place that could, in its own small way, represent an inspirational opportunity for health and wellness. Now at this point you have to understand that I was 24(ish) I had borrowed the money from the bank to take the first course and was still riding a bike because I could not afford a car.

Buying a farm was not sounding very realistic. However, I was not interested in feasibility. My higher brain was locked on to possibility! The plan was basically very simple:

  • Spend three years finishing one major qualification per year for the Chek institute.
  • Study Neuromuscular therapy for two years.
  • Build a consultancy practice teaching what I have learnt.

I could then leverage the income from this business to start another company that would produce enough income to buy the farm, set it up as a healing and educational centre for the development of human health and small scale farm gardening solutions. Surely it couldn’t be that hard!

What happened next?

What came about over the following years was a very big learning curve as I grappled with studying everything from business development and investment strategies to the thoracolumbar facia, spinal rehabilitation, philosophy, nutrition, organic farming , shamanic healing and a whole lot more.

Where are we now? We have a wonderful physical rehabilitation and healing practice in a converted farm barn building with Evolution Organics on the same site in another barn conversion. The platform for the next level is almost complete!

So the story of Evolution Organics is the story of a much larger Vision and one dedicated to healing, wellness, human health and of course our evolution. Evolution Organics exists to sell the highest quality supplements and whole-foods to enhance all of our health and wellness.

Integrity is the foundation of healing and so has to be the foundation of any business involved in health. We are coming in to a time when honesty and integrity will be valued by those who actually want to heal.

As we begin to understand that the allopathic medical system cannot work to attain either long term health or healing, we will need to look for different answers. We will need to take responsibility for ourselves and understand that it is up to us to live healthy lives – lives that are more in tune with the natural world. We will need companies that honestly support that vision.

This newsletter, and the blog are written because we know that supplements are indeed supplemental and that it’s all the other changes we make in our lives that make the biggest difference. We know that the food you eat is of the highest importance, that the exercise you take and how you move is key to your biochemical state, and that how you think and what you believe is the foundation of your cellular function.

This is why we are working towards the farm and healing centre. So that we can provide a much deeper service that will allow us to focus ever more on the true foundations of health and wellness and that we can reconnect to the earth as caretakers and work in balance with nature whilst passing on what we learn to you.

This is only a part of the story that led to the unfolding of this vision, and the story is ever evolving. What is important to me is that you understand the message behind why this company exists, and the moral foundation that we strive to work from. It’s important that you understand that in buying from us you are part of the story – part of the unfolding of this incredible journey.

When the farm comes to fruition you will be my honoured guests on the opening day.

I look forward to seeing you on the farm.

In health, chi, and happiness,
Henry Maitland

3 thoughts on “Evolution organics – the story so far”

  • David

    Dear Henry,
    The above explanation about Evolution Organics adds to my positivity about the products that I have selected from it so far. I have been steered towards Lou Corona and his story via the Youtube website for a number of years, and thought that I would try his enzyme products two years ago. There were expensive but I believed in them. I used them for a while but my enthusiasm became diluted and I strayed to learn from other advisers and buy other books. My interest was piqued again after a Juicer purchase at Christmas time and I came back to view Lou Corona's Four Principle's and required a new batch of enzymes. The message is still the same from him and his team of family and followers. And so I am stepping towards a more healthy lifestyle again and wish to try his living food recipes using Probiotics. His years of study and integrity impress me and I believe breaking down food into juice re-awaked me to enzyme function and then probiotic work. I am delighted that you have selected this company as part of yours so that I may obtain the PuraZyme products in days rather than weeks.

    Very best wishes,


    • Henry Maitland

      Hi David
      I love Lou's products and I had a similar reawakening to enzymes and enzyme function as a result of his wonderful products. I'm always touched when someone connects to our story as I know they have understood the deeper meaning behind the vision for our company. I'm so happy that you are enjoying the products and that they are helping you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.
      In health and happiness

  • Jane Cheshire
    Jane Cheshire May 3, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    Hi Henry

    What a wonderful and powerful story. I found you looking for Dr Mercola products as i believe if am going to take some supplements I might as well take the best i can.

    I notice this is back in 2015, it would be lovely to see an updated vision.

    Best wishes

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