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Discover Pukka’s Aloe Vera .. a summer essential!

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) is an incredible plant known for its soothing, cooling, moistening and healing properties. Aloe is an excellent remedy for any condition characterised by heat, dryness and irritation with its ability to penetrate all tissues within the body. This makes Aloe vera the perfect product for post sun skin care. It has a high mucilage and polysaccharide content which will heal irritated mucous membranes throughout the body but especially within the digestive tract, urinary tract, reproductive systems and the skin.

Origins of Pukka Aloe Vera

As we hopefully all now know, it is very important where and how our supplements are grown and manufactured. True to the Pukka ethos, their Aloe Vera comes from an organic farm in north-east Mexico in the state of Tamaulipas, close to the Texan border.

The view from the farm is dominated by the mountains of El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, best known for its spectacular cloud forests. The farm itself basks in hot sunshine in a landscape more akin to the cactus-filled scenes of a wild-west movie.

Making organic aloe vera the Pukka way

Pukka’s Aloe Vera plants are grown for four years before they are harvested to ensure the plants reach their full potential and there is a high enough content of polysaccharides. It is this constituent that has made aloe vera such an excellent remedy for treating wounds and tissue trauma.

To make Pukka Aloe Vera Juice we hand-peel the outer rind at source to produce ‘fillets’ of the inner leaf. These fillets are then blended to create our juice which tastes delicious and pure. As we don’t use filters it is common to find little ‘bits’ in the juice; these are the fibres and other naturally occurring components of the inner leaf. Rather than using artificial preservatives, we rely on meticulously monitored temperature control to prevent growth of bacteria and optimise the quality of the juice. We also add a small amount of natural citric acid fermented from tapioca starch to prevent bacterial growth after the bottle has been opened.

Putting aloe juice in a capsule

Some of Pukka’s products such as their Wholistic Aloe Vera, Fibre Plus, Womankind, Glow and Vitalise, contain a concentrated 200:1 ‘freeze-dried’ aloe vera powder. That means that 200Kg of aloe vera juice is concentrated down to 1 Kg. The freeze-drying process is done by freezing fresh juice and then reducing the surrounding pressure so that the frozen water evaporates directly from a solid form into a gas. Unlike conventional drying methods, in which the plant material shrinks as it dries, the ice maintains the structure of the cells and the dried material remains true to its fresh counterpart. The result is a high quality and highly concentrated powder with all the same properties of the juice, except for the water.

Pukka Aloe Vera is brimming with naturalpolysaccharides, in every two capsules, you are getting the equivalent of 54g of fresh aloe vera juice!

If your looking for a pure organic Aloe to sooth skin after a long day enjoying our epic sunny weather then check out our range of Aloe vera products, all in stock today and available to help you protect and nourish you summer skin.


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