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Could the news be giving you a stomach ulcer!?

Why the general consumption of news and media is bad for our health and how to find greater peace and happiness in a world focused on looks, gain and negativity.

In last month’s article entitled ‘is yoga breaking your body!?’ I mentioned that I don’t often read the papers and make a general point of not watching the news on a day to day basis, this not to say that I don’t keep up to date with world events, I just do so in a well-thought-out way.  I consider this an important aspect of being vibrant and healthy so today I’m sharing my thoughts on how you might benefit from a ‘media detox’

There seem to be so many challenges to our health from so many different directions. There’s the steady increase in airborne toxins that we can inhale, then the steady increase of toxins in our water from industry, from chemical farming, from pharmaceutical products and from our homes. Then there are the potential toxins we add in to our bodies directly from the food that we eat and the products that we put on our skin! That’s a lot of potential toxicity.

Could the news be as toxic to me as a pesticide covered cabbage!?

The positive is of course that we can take simple easy and decisive action to make changes that will help both detox our bodies form the ingested chemicals and to prevent taking in more thus preventing and reducing the chance of serious illness from chemical toxicity. However it’s also important to recognise that information we take in from the media can be toxic too and that we can take simple steps that can transform our lives for the better by removing this powerful potential negative influence.
I would suggest that the effect the media has on our health is equally comparable to the toxic effects of our physical environment on both our long term health and certainly our day to day happiness.

Is it really important to watch the news and read the papers? And what is it they have chosen to show us as news?

To decide whether its important to watch the news and read the papers really comes down to deciding if the information in the media is really important or relevant to our lives, do we really need to know the majority of what they are talking about? Is what they’re talking about actually of any use or of true relevance? And does knowing this have more benefit to our lives greater than the downside of absorbing all that negativity?

It’s evident what humans generally focus on for the majority of the time. It’s self-evident because the physical world can only be a reflection of the thoughts that we have. We have thoughts and ideas, we talk about them and discuss them, in turn this becomes some sort of action either considered or unconscious and this in turn becomes the physical world and society that we live in. This means that the physical world we have is a clear and exact representation of the level at which we think and in turn our thoughts are governed by the dominant emotions that we experience.

This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly if you want to sell a paper and make it profitable you need to write headlines and produce stories that people will want to read or feel that they should. The majority of society is not focused on health. This can be seen because the majority of the way in which society runs does not support being healthy. Thoughts, words, actions – this means that the majority are focused on and interested in a level of story which is in tune with and supports their dominant emotions and thoughts. So the stories that sell are about scandal, gossip, hatred, war, violence, murder, rape, divorce, collapse and general failure and things going wrong.

This is not a bad thing or indeed a judgement of any one; it’s just an observable fact of society. For example what are the most popular subjects on the internet? It’s not love, health and happiness that I can assure you!

So you want to be healthy? Then why focus on the mind set of those that are unhealthy?

To understand why a ‘media detox’ is so important to our health we need to take a look at what health is. Basically to be healthy is to be happy, to be truly happy is to be healthy. This is without doubt the central attainment of health. Happiness is to live in a high emotional field. To be happy the dominant emotions will be things such as contentment, joy, optimism, forgiveness and willingness whist the papers sell at the level of despair, greed, anger, vengefulness, wanting, perhaps pride and certainly fear amongst others.

Can you see that the papers are just energetically and psychologically not at a level that harmonises with health. If they were they would make no money as the percentage of people that would read them would be too small!! For a magazine such as Glamour to be successful they have to make you desire and want by feeling lack and of who you are and what you have. If they just had articles that supported statements like ‘your beautiful as you are’ and ‘there is nothing you can add to yourself to make you happy’ they would go bankrupt fairly quickly as they would have a hard time finding positive advertising!

Has my paper given me a stomach ulcer!?

If you’re interested in true health, if you’re interested in happiness, in contentment and joy it can be seen that the majority of the news and media is not going to help you. If you’re taking in information that is coming in at a ‘low level’ it will influence your thoughts and so your feelings about the world and your life.  This will then influence your perception of the external world but of course more directly your physical body.  Anxiety is a very powerful emotion and if it continues for a long time it can lead to degenerative damage to all the major systems of the body.  So this is how the papers can give you a stomach ulcer as stress as a powerful negative effect on the gut!

So take a little time to think about whether you really need all the media BS in your life, take time to decide if glossy magazines, the weekend / weekly newspaper or even the news on the TV or streamed on your smart phone is really doing anything for you. Is the news they are deciding is news really something that you need to know?

Why not try at least 30 days with no news and papers and just concentrate on your own health and wellbeing as in time this is the greatest gift you can give yourself, others and in the greater context, the world.

In health and happiness

Henry Maitland

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