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Collagen in your coffee?

I started taking collagen in my coffee (and my smoothies) 2 years ago. Why? We sold it and I knew a lot of people state side swore by adding collagen to their coffee in the morning and was swayed by their enthusiasm & knowledge. I knew about collagen too but to be fair (and I know this a tad silly) I entrusted they (i.e. my mostly based social media gang) had made their research and luckily for me, they had as I found out later.

The great thing about collagen is… is… It’s just really good! I don’t want to sound too scientific, so I will break it down. We are made of collagen. I am sure you have heard the word collagen too. Especially when it comes to skincare. Collagen boosting facials! Collagen masks! Collagen serums! And there’s a reason: the skin is the largest organ in the body and this is where collagen is mostly present*. It’s also in our bones (quite important bits too) and connective tissues (ditto).

Our body produces collagen but as we grow older this production declines (one of the reasons why we heal so quickly when we are young). To add to this sun exposure, smoking and a bad diet will also reduce the amount of collagen we produce.

Why Collagen?  

SKIN - Collagen provides our skin with suppleness, elasticity, and most importantly in my opinion regeneration (wrinkles, I love you, but go away). Taken orally (i.e. in your coffee, smoothie) collagen can help to promote skin health and even reverse some damage too!

DIGESTION - Because collagen is needed pretty much everywhere in our body, let’s not forget the digestive system. Collagen helps form connective tissues, it helps to heal and seal the protective lining of the digestive system therefore increasing it's response to food. A healthier digestive system means you get more out of your food. Bonus.

MUSCLES - Collagen won’t make you bulk up. But lean muscle with age and also when training take a strain and collagen and its protein content will help keep these muscles healthy and happy. That’s what you want. Feed them well.

JOINTS - As we age, our joints are deeply affected by the limited collagen availability. Decreased cartilage (cartilage in one type of connective tissues) and collagen is needed to keep it strong and healthy.

WAIT! Evolution Organics has got your covered if you feel you need some of the food stuff… There’s food you can take to increase collagen production! Because remember, yes, we do sell supplements, but this is really what we sell, “supplements to a healthy diet”.

Foods that might helps increase collagen formation:

Bone broth (the best food source in my opinion… recipe HERE)
Foods rich in Vitamin C (oranges, strawberries, broccoli, peppers)
Nuts (nuts also contains healthy fat, which is good overall)
Foods rich in Vitamin A

Supplements! Yes, I add collagen to my coffee every morning. Why? Its easy, you don’t taste it (collagen won't clump. It dissolves completely even in water). I was very skeptical the first time. I was certain I would end up having a clumpy coffee but no. It's so easy that I take a scoop's worth when I meet up friends for coffee. Just pour it in and there you are. My day's worth in one single step.

As for benefits. I didn't take a before and after picture of my skin but I feel good for taking it. I think my skin is pretty healthy looking too. I have a strong feeling that if I stopped, I would feel it after a while as I train hard and up to now, my body hasn't complained too much. My hair is also quite full and strong which I think is due to this high quality supplement... Give it a try and let us know what you think.

We sell a few collagen powder and it's up to you to decide which one you prefer. Love Life Supplement is my favorite at the moment closely followed by anything by Planet Paleo.

Love Life Supplement Primal Collagen with added Vitamin C

Great Lakes Pure Unflavoured Collagen

Planet Paleo (5 different versions)

Helissa Marine Collagen (30 sachets)

Neocell Super Collagen 6,600mg

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*By the way, be wary of these beauty claims, as collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin from a simple cream… but every little helps!

4 thoughts on “Collagen in your coffee?”

  • Chrissie

    I would need more info on collagen before using it.

    how bio-available is it?
    is it synthetic? or how is it extracted?

    that's the 2 main questions that spring to mind - as they do for every supplement. I may have some more collagen-specific questions once these 2 big ones are out of the way. Thanks.

    • Marie-Eve Maitland
      Marie-Eve Maitland June 12, 2018 at 12:54 pm

      Hello Chrissie

      All the information we have at hand is on the website. I take Love Life's collagen and all of our collagen comes from from grass fed cattle (however, Helissa is a Marine Collagen, not bovine).

      Our Primal Collagen is from grass fed cattle and is 100% natural, safe and free from any preservatives or additives. As a natural, non-allergenic and clean label ingredient, it can be easily incorporated into every-day food and drink without impacting taste or smell. It is soluble and heat stable, so it can easily be added to shakes and hot or cold drinks too.

      Collagen is:
      Highest Quality Hydrolysed Bovine Type 1 Collagen Peptides
      Identical to the Collagens Found in Human Bones and Skin
      High-purity, Natural Bioactive Product, Containing More Than 97% Protein
      Vitamin C Increases the Utilisation of Collagen
      Supports Bones, Tendons, Ligaments, Hair, Skin
      Unflavoured and Dissolves Easily

      I hope this helps and thank you for getting in touch.

  • Harry

    Hi - I just wanted to ask before buying, which collagen would be best for me to take out of the love life vs paleo active or pure - For info I am 30yrs old, train 3 times a week, rehabbing from costochondritis in my chest (since mid-2017) and seasonal hayfever (treated with OTC A.Vogel tablets, nasal spray and eye drops as and when required)? - Thx, Harry.

    • Marie-Eve Maitland
      Marie-Eve Maitland June 12, 2018 at 12:37 pm

      Hello Harry

      I personally like to the Love Life at the moment. I thinks it mixes well and has added Vitamin C as well (a bonus) but on the whole, both are similar. So it's down to taste (although they both are flavorless!).

      Studies suggest that vitamin C supplementation has an antihistamine effect which might be helpful for you in the season to increase your vitamin C consumption. So, Love Life it is :)


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