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This month has been one of the biggest and most exciting months in the history of Evolution Organics, this month we have taken an epic step in launching the brand new website that will allow us to keep moving forwards for many years to come.

This new website is significantly more capable than our old site and will allow us the opportunity to put in practice all that we have learnt from listening to you, our customers, for the past 6 years. There are so many applications that we know you wanted and that we knew would radically improve the user experience and also reward our loyal customers.

5 top things we are particularly proud of:

A common complaint was that navigating and discovering products was not very straightforward. We've addressed this by improving the category structure and adding filters, so there are now a number of different ways to find the product you are looking for. This will be very helpful as we continue to expand the range we stock over the coming months and years.

The quality of photos on the old site was somewhat hit and miss. In response, we have had every single product re-photographed, and wherever possible have included high quality photos of the supplemental facts, ingredients labels etc. This, along with the ability to zoom in on the photos means that you can really get up close to the products.

You can now keep a wishlist of products that you like the look of, but are not quite ready to purchase. You can move these between your basket and wishlist at any time. You can even share the wishlist with friends or family if a hint about what you would like for your birthday is required!

We now have a loyalty scheme in place. You are able to earn points by purchasing products, recommending us to friends and writing product reviews. We will look to increase loyalty point opportunities in the coming weeks and months.

Previously, smaller orders were being sent out using Royal Mail first class post. This service was absolutely excellent when there were no problems. However there were a significant number of parcels delayed or not delivered. Without any tracking in place, it made handling these occurrences a difficult thing for both us and our customers. All orders will now be tracked. It does mean a slower standard service, but we now have options in place for next day delivery and even next day before 12pm if you are in a hurry!

The development of the new site has taken a vast and almost unprecedented effort from the Evolution Organics team to bring this together in what is actually a relatively short period of time. Without questioning or comment they have simultaneously run the old site upholding the highest levels of customer service whilst building the new one. Effort on the scale takes passion and commitment beyond the norm and clearly defines a high level of dedication to bring you the highest and most professional level of service possible.

This commitment stems from a passion to bring about something with meaning, something that truly adds value to the lives of those that become a part of it and this is what we are or course always working towards. I am honoured to work with my team, I am profoundly grateful for their efforts. And remember, these are the same dedicated people who you talk to when you call and for fill your orders when they are placed… they're awesome.

Some of you may be aware that we at Evolution Organics we have some epic long term goals for the business. The key long term goal for us is to realize the dream of having a small farm and healing centre. This will allow us to offer a deeper, richer and more purposeful offering as a company involved primarily in health and healing.

With the launch of this epic new site the concept of our farm and healing centre becomes ever more possible, ever more real and I feel deeply grateful that we have come this far, I have high hopes that we can take this to the next level and that in the coming years we will move the business on the grounds of our farm.

I hold in mind the visualization of a hazy mid-summer day, there’s a slight warm summer breeze and the scent of the abundant flowers fills the air. The bees from our hives are lazily flying from flower to flower all with the sounds of the birds and the gentle movement of the leafy trees dancing in the wind. I’m sitting at my studio door immersed in the energy of nature and the excitement of the day that is about to unfold. We’ve invited all of our evolution organics customers to our first major summer event! We have key speakers ready to give presentations on a multitude of different health subjects, hands on healing work, cooking demonstrations and a wonderful juice bar alongside great health food and a whole host of stalls selling lots of unique and interesting products.  This will be a day to remember!

Feel free to check out the new site, browse around and please let us know what you think.  It’s great to have all the positive feedback however it is even better to know what you would like and what we can do better.

Thank you for your custom and we look forward to helping you move towards your health and fitness goals.

In health and happiness

Henry Maitland

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