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Avoid winter woes with our skincare products

The winter months can bring a series of challenges. There are of course plenty of things to enjoy about the winter, but those things are easier to enjoy if you are feeling good within yourself. 

The winter blues can be a problem, as can being stuck indoors more and more. But the winter months can also have an effect on our skin.   

The lower temperatures and lower levels of humidity that the winter typically bringcan have an adverse impact on our skin. Dry indoor heat and tough winds can also end up leaving your skin in less than ideal condition. 

 You can find yourself with cracked skin, and even small bleeds where the skin gets really dryConditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also flare up in a big way during the winter months. 

Why does our skin suffer in winter?

A woman wearing winter clothes and feeling cold

There are a few ways that our skin can suffer in the winter. One of the main reasons is because dry air draws moisture away from the surface of our skin. That lack of moisture is what leaves our skin chapped, sore and dry. 

Dry air comes with the low humidity levels and colder temperatures of the winter, hence why such an impact can be felt on your skin. The cold weather and winds can also start to strip back our skin’s protective layers, meaning water can escape. This can leave our skin dehydrated. Irritants can also get into our skin, causing itchiness and making us suffer all the more. 

All in all, the winter months and the conditions they bring are unfavourable for our skin. But there are plenty of things you can do to protect your skin over the winter. At Evolution Organics, we have natural skincare products that can help you keep your skin look great all winter long. 

What can we do to protect our skin in winter?

A man applying skin lotion to his face in a mirror

Thankfully there are a host of things that we can do to help our skin in the winter months.  

One of the easiest and most basic steps is to use cleansing products, and following this up with moisturisers. This helps repair and protect your skin from any winter ailments. 

You can also bring masques or hydrating serums into the mix. These help your skin to retain water more effectively, preventing your skin dehydrating and keeping its integrity for longer.  

You can use peptide serums and argan oil to help bring helpful nutrients and vitamins into the mix. These help to rebuild the skin’s most exterior layer, and prevent irritants tampering with your skin. 

Also look to avoid super long showers or baths. Tempting though they may be, the temperatures of these can be the polar opposite of what the skin is facing during the rest of the day. This heat fluctuation means the skin can sometimes struggle to adjust, potentially bringing about more damage. 

And if at all possible, do what you can to avoid the temptation to lick your lips to make them moister. You might think this is a good idea, but your saliva can contain digestive enzymes that can cause more irritation. So while the temptation may be there, try to ignore it! 

What does Evolution Organics have available?

A person applying lotion to their hands.

At Evolution Organicswe have a superb selection of winter skincare products that can help you protect your skin during this tricky period. 

Our facial cleansers and cleansing pads can help ensure unwanted bacteria is removed from your skin, while we have a vast selection of moisturising creams and moisturising oils available too. 

We also stock scrubs and serums to help treat your skin in the perfect way, while our argan oil products are always a popular choice. 

You can also pick up items like collagen proteinsdeodorants and body lotion from our range – all of which are designed to be kind to your skin. 

These items can all be found in our superb skincare range, while we have a section of our store dedicated to skincare for menHere is where you can find a superb choice of leading skincare products designed to be particularly kind to men’s skin, helping to avoid the perils of winter on the skin’s surface. 

Shop in our skincare range today

Our range of skincare products has been compiled using items from tried and trusted suppliers, all of which match our own commitment to natural health and natural skincare. 

With a hugely diverse selection of items available, it’s easy to find that perfect purchase that can really turn your winter around. 

Be sure to browse our range, and take a look at our delivery options. And if you have questions for our team, simply get in touch. 

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