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Are the ingredients for your supplements from dead soils and polluted seas?

Before I launch into the key foundational considerations for choosing supplements I want to take a moment to re-introduce the purpose of this newsletter. Since I last took a moment to explain what this is all about we have had many more people join us.

Health is about many key factors from eating the right foods, to getting enough sleep and all the foundations should be considered alongside optimal supplementation. In this newsletter over the months and years we have and will continue to review each of the key basics of optimal health (alongside other topics) and making sure that you have the most complete understanding of total health and wellbeing that we can provide so that you get the most from your health and wellness programme and in turn from your life.

This rounded understanding of wellness is critical to have if you are interested in buying supplements or if you are presently taking them. There really are no magic pills or potions that will change your life in a flash. Even the most potent and effective organic whole food supplements are still supplemental, to be used as part of an overall health programme.

It’s the foundations of health (such as drinking enough fresh clean water) and the habits that you build in making changes to your life over time that have the greatest impact. If you’re eating well, staying hydrated, going to bed early, and generally looking after yourself then supplementing your diet will offer a powerful addition to your life, one that can truly take your health to the next level. Just be careful not to fall in to the trap of eating badly, going to bed late, missing your exercise and thinking that supplements will ‘fill the cracks’ .. They won’t.

What is the number one key factor to consider when choosing supplements?

There has to be a key factor that underpins the effectiveness, potency and purity of any nutritional product on the market; it has to be one of the key factors that make it either a credible product that will really do what it says or just some expensive or even harmful rubbish.

High quality soil

It is clear that since the introduction of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers there have been not only a gradual decrease in soil quality but also a very obvious increase in the number of chemicals in our food supply.The quality of the soil, of the land, is critical to us and to our survival.

Soil is quite literally one of the foundation cornerstones of life on earth, without soil we have no medium for plants to grow. We have gone a long way from our roots as hunter gatherers and are now (for most of us) dependent on commercial farming to grow food for us.

Soil quality can be measured in very complex ways taking it to account the biological, chemical and physical characteristics. The various measures in each of these areas give us an idea of how well the soil can perform in the way that we need it to. In this example we are asking how effectively can the soil provide the environment to grow healthy nutritious food for us.

I would imagine that if we took the soil from most commercial farms and measured it against detailed analysis we would see that it is very badly damaged. If we simply planted seeds in this soil and tried to grow crops with no additional chemicals I don’t think we would have a lot of success. So the plants grow as a result of the chemicals not the health of the soil, thus producing unhealthy plants with limited nutritional value.

A high quality soil that is rich in structure with billions of microorganisms playing their intricate roles, with a great pH balance and ability to hold water is a soil that will produce a high quality nutrient dense plant. From high quality plants we get healthy animals and when we eat these we get high quality nutrients as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Are the ingredients for your supplements from dead soils and polluted seas?

The problem that occurs to me is that if a manufacturer wants to produce a health supplement but they take the raw ingredients for that supplement from dead soils or poisoned seas they will be selling us something that has the potential to be nutritionally invalid or even contribute to our toxic load.

If the manufacturer does not have the foresight, intelligence or integrity to get good ingredients then what will the process of manufacture be like? Will they take the greatest care possible to ensure the nutrients remain undamaged? Will they filter out the chemical residues? Will they test for heavy metals? Will they test for hormones that should not be present? The answer is very most likely no. So their actions may well be measured by what is legal as opposed to what action has integrity.

It would not make sense (from a bottom line profit perspective) to get bad quality ingredients and then spend a lot of money filtering and testing to make sure they were pure, safe and of high potency. The testing process alone would only give scientific validation to how bad they were!

How do you choose the best supplements on the market?

1. Organic or wild crafted
Make sure that the supplements you buy contain ingredients that are either natural or better yet certified organically sourced. This way, you are taking steps to ensure that greater care has gone in to the growth and production of the initial ingredients. It ensures a greater probability that the plants have been grown (or were growing if wild crafted) on healthy soil ensuring greater potency.

You can have greater insurance that far fewer if any chemicals at all will have been used in the process of growing the raw ingredients for the supplements ensuring a reduction in your overall chemical and physiological load.

2. Only buy from companies with integrity
Buying from a company with integrity has significant benefits. A company that has built its reputation around selling high quality organic products sells its products partly as a result of that reputation. If then for any reason they did cut corners or did something that exposed the customers to substandard or even harmful products they would damage that reputation.

An ethical business will be set up by someone that truly cares about people, why else do it?! This means they will act with the intention to do the best they can to produce and sell the best possible products in the best way possible.

An ethical business is far more likely to have a very good process for manufacturing there supplements. If they have paid for high quality ingredients they are more likely to have them tested to ensure potency and that they are not contaminated.

Our conclusion

The conclusion to this is fairly straight forward. It is far better to buy organic whole food or naturally sourced supplements from companies who actually care about what they are doing. It’s worth remembering that many companies clearly do not care about your health or wellbeing and only formulate so called health products for profit.
You do not have to be a scientist to clearly prove this point; you just need to read the ingredients on the product labels!

In health and happiness,


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