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5 reasons to switch to chemical-free household products

As we begin to approach spring we thought it would be a good idea to inspire a healthy chemical free spring clean and home detox. The environment we live in can way heavily on our total toxic load however our home can become a heaven of chemical free health and wellness!

Most people reading this post have never needed much convincing that the household chemicals that live under our kitchen sink, and elsewhere in the house, are intrinsically harmful to human beings, animals and the environment.

But the might of big business always manages to stifle that point of view and it’s never easy to get momentum behind anti-chemical messages, even though a quick read through the warnings on any bottle of Mr Muscle tells you all you need to know!

But the good news is that the evidence is slowly increasing and we were particularly interested in the widely publicised recent report from The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists that pregnant women should ‘play it safe’ and avoid chemicals in many common household products. They go on to advise women to ‘assume that a risk is present’.
Given the strength of the forces that try to suppress any science that concurs with common sense, this is a much stronger statement than it reads and one that may well prove to be a bit of a tipping point. Focusing on the effects of household chemicals on the new-born is a tactical way of highlighting the obvious, much wider dangers, ‘big business’ will be hard pushed to go on the attack against this. It’s another step.

So, what should we all be doing about it? Well there are many great new chemical free brands on the market that do just a good as job as their chemical competitors and most of them are available from your supermarket (or us of course!)

I’m sure you don’t need convincing, but in case you do and are still using dangerous chemicals without a second thought, here are our reasons you should swap to chemical free cleaning in your home … let’s call it a home detox!

  1. Many of the non-chemical cleaning products are derived from plant extracts so are completely natural and not harmful to your health.
  2. They contain biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients, so this is great news for the planet.
  3. The chemical-free industry is 15 years old and the product-effectiveness has hugely improved over this time.
  4. They are not tested on animals – well the brands we sell are not!
  5. Do you really want a home that smells like a chemical factory? I don’t know about you but I’d rather have my kitchen worktops fragranced with real natural lemon rather than that which has been produced in a science lab!

These are some of our favourite – we use them to clean the office and our homes!

Dr Mercola Greener Cleaner Fresh Citrus Multi-Surface Spray

Made only with truly “green” and eco-friendly ingredients, Dr Mercola Greener Cleaner Multi-Surface Household Spray cuts through grease, dirt, and grime to leave household surfaces fresh and clean and contains plant and mineral derived ingredients, not volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other harsh chemicals.

Dr Mercola Greener Cleaner Dishwasher Pouches

Dr Mercola Greener Cleaner Dishwasher Pouches contains only pure ingredients and is extremely effective of removing grease and leaving you with sparkling, spotless dishes. Made of only top-quality, premium plant and mineral ingredients, completely chemical-free including NO phosphates, SLS, fragrances, or chlorine and better for the earth, with biodegradable ingredients that are safe for aquatic life and waterways.

Earth Friendly Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Formulated to be pure, green and effective. Fruit and vegetable wash is a ready to use nontoxic formula that aids the removal of mud, wax, dirt and residues from the surface of fruit and vegetables. It rinses away cleanly and leaves no taste, residue or odour.

Enjoy your home detox and spring clean.

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