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5 common sense strategies to help you lean down

We all know that this is a subject that gets written about allot! there’s always a new-fangled revolutionary diet, a new product be it a pill a bar or powder that’s ‘guaranteed’ to help you lose pounds in a short space of time.  Then there are the many weight loss programmes and crazy diets that offer calorie controlled meals delivered straight to your door. The list of possibilities and options when It comes to weight loss are endless and were prepared to pay billions of pounds each ear to companies in the hope of the great results promised.

There are many problems with the whole weight loss industry, issues of bad quality products, complete and blatant lies and product claims, fraud and deception and all because we can’t see the wood for the trees. We can’t seem to see (or perhaps we don’t want to see) that much of the industry is complete hype and is doing far more harm than good. Seriously, just take a moment to think about the whole ‘Low Fat’ Movement, look at the majority of, for example, low fat yogurts. Just please read the ingredients… what’s in there?
For a start you will have a non-organically sourced low fat skimmed or semi skimmer milk as the base product, really, do you really want to eat that? if you don’t want to take my word for it try reading any of the growing number of books on the commercial dairy industry and the way in which they farm the cows and produce the milk. Have a think about the fact that all the good stuff is stripped out by the pasteurization, filtration and homogenization process. So, take a bad base product and strip any goodness out and see what your left with.

Then what are the next two biggest ingredients? Well I have a ‘low fat slimming yogurt’ that advertises ‘go ahead only 0.1% fat (healthy looking babe on advertising) right here and the next ingredient is Sugar and guess what the one after that is, its glucose-fructose syrup! More SUGAR! Then we have 4% strawberries (sugar) 3% peaches (sugar) modified starch (I assume gives the sugar some texture) 1% passion fruit juice (sugar) then some flavourings, food colourings a general spattering of E numbers.  So, to conclude we have a small tub of Sugar and chemicals.

So, the final question is what do we think primarily causes weight gain? That’s right… it’s SUGAR, not fat. So, there we have it, that one example sums up the whole con of the low-fat movement, they tell us fat is bad and sell us sugar.

So here are my five key tips to losing weight and getting in shape. You will notice that these are all foundational aspects of health which means that each on its own is an epic topic, if you want more information on any of these you will find many previous blog posts on each of the five key areas.


Stay hydrated:

Make sure you get enough fresh, clean water every day to stay optimally hydrated. The way to work out your daily water consumption is to multiply the amount you weight in kg my 0.022. I weigh 90kg and so should aim to drink 1.98 litres of water per day. Now sensibly this will vary if you are working out, if you live in warm climate etc. If you are dehydrated or thirsty it’s easy to mistake this feeling of lacking for hunger. Many people will be eating when they need to drink. It can take up to 3 months of optimal water consumption to fully rehydrate. Its free, it’s easy and it will make a very big difference.

Go to bed on time:

I know it’s the kind of thing that your parents would have said to you; however, it’s a foundation principle of human health. Its things like this that we tend not to take responsibility for and prefer to spend money on pills and potions because it’s easier than working on the habit of going to bed on time. The optimal sleep pattern will vary to some degree however as a guideline let’s say its sleeping from 10pm and getting up at 6am. A good eight hours of sleep allows for optimal physical and psychological recovery, it will also encourage a better hormonal balance which will lead to lower stress levels a sharper mind, feelings of wellbeing and of course a good foundation for the normalisation of weight.

Take some regular exercise:

Take some regular exercise. As I have written about before what type of exercise you take is in a sense not the point, just do what you feel motivated to do at the level that feels right for you. If you’re overweight and feeling stressed just take it easy, perhaps walking in nature, enjoying the local park or woods and build up from there. If you’re feeling fit and feisty then why not hit the local gym and do some classes. The choices are as endless and as varied as we are people. My personal preference for achieving the most in the shortest space of time is weight training, however if you’re going to do this please get a specialist to teach you how its effectiveness can lead to rapid adaption, both positive and negative.

Eat a well-balanced diet:

Cut out the sugar and eat more organically grown protein whether that be from a plant or animal source. For most people that I have worked with changing diet is the most important step that they take to get where they want to be. Most of us eat far too much sugar and yes that does include fruit sugars. This is not to say fruit is not great however I try to eat seasonally to avoid overloading. Obviously stay away from refined sugar products, sweets, pastries or fruit juices. In terms of protein simply increase your consumption however the exact amount you need may well be different for you than it is for me, however just be sensible, eat some protein with every meal making sure that it’s from the best cleanest organic source you can find.

Chill out! Take some time to truly relax.

In our society this seems to be dramatically lacking and often misunderstood. Relaxation is taking some time to be still, to be calm, and to allow your mind to be silent. If focused relaxation or meditation is not your thing then take a walk-in nature, go look at the trees and the flowers, if you’re thinking quite frankly ‘that’s hippie stuff’ then your thoughts are self-evidence that some time in nature might do you good! Training the mind to be quieter promotes feelings of wellbeing, calm, joy happiness and true contentment. It will allow your hormonal system to level out promoting the environment for optimal weight loss. In the deeper philosophical sense, you can come to see yourself in a different light, where there is self-acceptance and happiness often it can be seen that there is no ‘need’ to lose weight just a decision to support optimal happiness and wellbeing at which point because you are happy you lose the weight rather than trying to lose weight to be happy.

In health and happiness

Henry Maitland

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