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3 Reasons to Re-think Your Daily Bread - guest blog by Modern Baker

In common with Evolution Organics, we believe that healthy living is about nutrition and diet. Nourishment is an evocative description: nourish your body and stay well, and you’ll nourish your soul too.

Bread is dividing opinion - ask your work colleague or neighbour and there’s bound to be a whole spectrum of opinion - but it can be the ultimate nourishment: think warm toast on a cold winter morning.

1. Re-think reason #1: Not all sourdough is created equal

The lack of common understanding about what makes sourdough good for us has led to widespread sales of “sourfaux” i.e. really-not-that-great bread masquerading as sourdough in supermarkets and bakeries. So why is Modern Baker sourdough bread different? Because it contains the same friendly cultures as homemade yoghurt and these work chemically on the whole grains during the fermentation process to make the most of flavours and nutrients, and make it much easier for the body to digest. Read more on our blog here.

2. Re-think reason #2: Carb confusion

Carbohydrates always seem to spark debate - the BBC Food Programme recently featured ‘The Big Carb Debate’. A super-helpful differentiation is the idea of fast-carbs and slow-carbs.

● Fast-carbs are highly processed carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (GI) - often the case in the archetypal thin white soggy bread in sandwiches you see wilting in a petrol station fridge.
● Slow-carbs are those with a lower GI that are actively good for your digestion and gut health. The long fermentation of our lower GI sourdough gives you a naturally low GI sandwich, keeping you fuelled for longer. It also delivers prebiotic fibre to your gut to improve gut health.

2. Re-think reason #3: Boost your fibre intake

The recommended daily fibre intake for adults is 30g per day. In the UK most people do not eat enough fibre - the average intake is 17.2/day for women and 20.1g/day for men*. A diet high in fibre has been shown to help reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes, protect against bowel cancer, and may help to reduce feelings of hunger as you feel fuller for longer.

Typically, the aforementioned soggy sandwich may have a sorry 0.8g fibre content per slice**, whereas our Seedy Seedy organic sourdough contains a startlingly healthy 4.5g fibre per slice! So when you make your next sandwich, make it with Modern Baker bread and don’t feel hesitant: know that you are making a considered, healthy and positive choice.

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