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Is intermittent fasting a good idea?

During the winter, it can be easy to overindulge and put on weight. It’s something we all struggle with, but what better time of year is there to spend time with family and friends?  Christmas and ...

Why now’s the time to take Vitamin D

Love it or hate it, winter is now upon us in the UK and the seasons have truly changed.  The nights draw in quickly, the temperature has dropped noticeably and the whole feel of your day to day will inevitably change somewhat with the arrival of w...

Why a natural skincare routine is the path for you

Our skin is something that plays a hugely important, but often underappre...

Understanding the Importance of Sleep

Few things have the ability to affect how we feel like sleep does. Having...

Which Pet Supplements should you choose?

If you’re a pet owner, it’s pretty much a given that you love your pet and want what’s best for them.  Whatever type of pet you are the proud owner of, they are likely to regularly bring a sm...

Health Tip Of The Month

It is my dedication to honour you as I honour all my clients, to share with you openly all that I have learnt over the last 20 years of study on my journey to optimal health and wellness. I write mostly about the foundational aspect of health and wellness as when these our addressed in the majority of cases people heal and experience true and vibrant health. These foundations include subjects such as optimal movement and training, inner work and meditative practises, breathing, optimal nutrition and hydration. Explore, learn, enjoy.. and ask questions!


Find a growing range of recipes showcasing the many ways that one can truly enjoy eating in a healthy way. You will find that you can buy from us many of the key ingredients for healthy baking and that adding this aspect of health food in to your life makes living a truly healthy life style much more enjoyable.

Health Tip Of The Month