Xtrema Ceramic

Founded in 2007 by Rich Bergstrom:

"It is our vision to make our Xtrema products the healthiest for you and our planet. We also want to develop the safest and most versatile cooking alternative versus metal and PFOA coated non-stick cookware. We intend to do everything in our power to make sure that your cooking experience is the absolute best that it can be."

"Our cookware is the healthiest cookware on the planet. Our Xtrema ceramic products are 100% Green, 100% Non Toxic, 100% Safe, 100% Healthy, they contain no PFOA coating and produce no PFOA gas or odors. We have independent worldwide labs testing our products all the time and we guarantee our products' health and safety. We have done extensive leaching tests on our cookware; we leach no lead and cadmium or heavy metals of any kind."

 Xtrema Asiana 100% Ceramic Tea Pot
Xtrema Asiana 100% Ceramic Tea PotEnjoy our stylish 1Qt Ceramic Tea Pot and eliminate the metallic taste from your hot water! Its specially-designed hand..


£69.96(£58.30 ex VAT)

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